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“I was recommended to Nesh by a friend. I wanted to learn more about my body and understand how to make smarter lifestyle & nutrition choices based on my body make up.

The process was simple & enjoyable, Nesh was very patient and professional. The DNA test was easy to do & results were received in a timely manner in a report format. 4 weeks since having my consultation with Nesh I have implemented changes and noticed some big changes: bloating, anxiety and energy levels have all improved. Great experience with invaluable results, thank you!”

- J.C

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“Thank you to Nesh for her kindness, support and knowledge about nutrition. I am so pleased I have started this journey with Nesh, as I am learning so much about my health physically and emotionally. I can already feel the positive benefits from following the nutrition plan and I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you Nesh!”

- K.H

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“I was grateful for the support provided by Nesh during our session. I appreciated how calm and attentive she was in creating a safe space for me share openly. It felt that I had over shared at times, but I understand that discussing the connection between food and well-being requires sharing the full picture. Nesh’s knowledge of nutrition and food groups, along with the benefits they offer, has been invaluable. I also appreciate the alternative options Nesh informed me of to help me make healthier choices, limiting my cake obsession and balancing my blood sugar levels. Expert knowledge and professionalism!”

- D.F